Get Ready to Glow!

Inspired by leading skin salons our SOL Yoga founder Catherine DeFrancesco has experienced throughout her travels, our Bella Luce Atelier features the latest LED light therapy combined with highest quality skin treatments to deliver optimum results with no pain, needles or downtime.

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What is LED?

LED is a form of light emitting diode therapy, that uses varying wavelengths of light including red and blue. Originally used by U.S. Navy SEALs for wound treatment, LED light therapy continues to gain enormous popularity among derms, beauty editors and those ‘in-the-know’ for its skin boosting and rejuvenating benefits, and why we’re excited to offer LED Express treatments to SOL Yoga clients seeking healthier, glowing skin!

What to expect

Taking as little as 20 minutes, there’s no pain, needles or downtime, and the results are almost immediate. Depending on your skin tone, goals and concerns, you can opt for a quick LED on its own or choose from our menu of treatments.

Note: To avoid irritation and to safeguard your skin, we highly recommend you avoid sun exposure including heat (and hot yoga) for at least 24-48 hours following your LED treatment.

Specialized treatments to boost your LED!

Whether to calm and treat problem skin, target fine lines and wrinkles or simply get a gorgeous natural glow, we have designed a handful of specialty treatments to choose from.

Along with LED, each of our treatments include select Environ skincare formulas, considered the ‘best of the best’ for their scientifically proven ingredients. Your skin is gently cleansed, prepped and toned pre- and post-treatment with an SPF application.

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To book an appointment and/or inquire for more information, please call our Fort Lauderdale studio direct at (954) 368-3882.


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