Growing up with a mother in the group fitness industry, Courtney always understood the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle. She was an athlete all her life. From softball to soccer, to lacrosse, you could always find Courtney on the field or in the gym. She often attended her mother’s group fitness classes at the local gym, and fell in love with her yoga inspired class. She loved the balance between finding strength as well as softness on her mat.

After moving to Miami from Orlando, she sought out to find a training to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. In 2014, Courtney traveled to her father’s hometown, Lima, Peru to indulge in a 200 hour power vinyasa training. After returning to Miami, she starting teaching yoga full time, anytime, anywhere.

On the mat, Courtney encourages students to absorb every bit of their practice with acceptance, and to take it with them when they step off of their mat. Always reminding students yoga can be practiced anywhere! Courtney says “Everyday we face new challenges and/or new blessings, and its important to find the beauty in it all. Every time we step on our mat, we tune into that place where we are exactly where we need to be”

When Courtney is not on the mat, teaching or practicing, you can find her creating beautiful spaces as an Interior Designer, laying on a beach or at the dog park with her pup.

For more inspiration, follow Courtney @courtneyshea