Meet Johanna, aka @JungleJohanna, a force of energy and inspiration, ready to make you work hard for results you need and want.

A full-time model and ex-dancer, Johanna’s life and career has always focused on body movement. Professionally trained in ballet and modern dance, Johanna began and earned her pilates certification at Equinox, before Lagree Fitness. Bringing her mat and reformer expertise to SOL, she is considered one of Miami’s hottest trainers, helping her clients achieve a longer, leaner physique, with precision and a bit of sass :).

Combining cardio, light resistance and toning, her mat pilates class provides the perfect fusion for core and glute workouts. Focusing on form and posture correction, she incorporates high intensity with conditioning, stretching and toning.

Along with teaching at SOL, you can find Johanna traveling the globe on various modeling assignments, while training private clients.

Follow Johanna: @junglejohanna